Please excuse our appearance while we develop our website.

Welcome to SPC Simms! We are a collaborative writing role-playing community that is open for all to apply. We have a variety of “sims” which currently consist of all Star Trek genre sims but we are looking to expand into other genres as well. We are also open to affiliation with various groups as well as hosting new sims who would like help getting off the ground or continuing to operate. Please take a look around our website for the various sims that we lead, host, or affiliate with.

What to Expect

You can expect all official SPC Simms to be open and active communities, both in and out of character, where respect, understanding, and the desire to help each other improve as writers takes precedence. You can expect clear content expectations, rules, and activity requirements posted on each sim. You can also expect a helpful staff that is active and ready to assist all members and guests.

Guests Welcome

While we are primarily a writing group, we certainly won’t turn fans away!  If you enjoy reading our various sims, please feel free to join the community, which is hosted on Slack. Slack has a web client, desktop apps, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. To request access, please use our contact form and a staff member will invite you as soon as possible. We also encourage you to send any feedback, ideas, or any other messages you’d like to share with the membership or staff via the form.