Our Organization

Welcome to SPC Simms! We are a collaborative writing community who are interested in taking part in written role play.  Currently, SPC Simms is made up of three different Star Trek writing groups (sims) which can be found on our Sims Page.  In addition, we have various affiliated writing groups of different genres that we are happy to share our general community with. SPC Simms concentrates on the love of writing and community between our membership of all our member and affiliated writing groups.

Our Community

Currently, SPC Simms is based completely on the Discord platform and offers a general chat room for all members, various chat rooms for shared interested such as The Sims (EA Video Game), Physical Training/Wellbeing (Exercise, Diets, etc.), and various chat rooms on TV series, etc. We are always looking to expand our community to include the interests of our members.


The more the merrier! SPC Simms welcomes other writing groups to join as part of our community in our chat and by placing a link to each other’s sites. To view, our affiliates click here.

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