Exciting Updates

Exciting Updates


Starting on Wednesday 1 February, the SPC Simms chat will be transitioning from Slack to Discord. While Slack is a wonderful application that has done well for us it’s limited resources given to the free accounts are no longer fitting to the size and activity of our organization which we hope to continue to grow. In addition to not having truncated archives we will also be able to once again have a chat that is easier for the public to access and assist in recruitment and growth without needing an invitation from an SPC Simms member. To access the discord server please click here and feel free to share the link with others (or create one of your own in Discord).

Discord, like Slack, has desktop, web, and mobile applications. You will now see all of the rooms for each sim however if you right click on the room on the desktop/web version or the name of the room at the top of the mobile app you may mute (and hide) any rooms you are not interested in. You may also select the level of notifications you’d like for all activity, mentions only, or to turn on/off push notifications individually per channel or for the entire server.

Discord will also allow us to have more interoperability as most of the major Star Trek Fleets are now also using it. For our members who belong to these other organizations it will provide greater ease in access.

Every sim and if desired affiliate will have it’s own chat room and can request a private GM/Command room from an administrator if desired. As of now we currently do not have the calendar integrated but we are working on adding additional bots to include that and our RSS Feeds. The calendar, of course, is still visible for all members by clicking the link in the Nova menu. If your sim does not have a link please ask a member of the staff or your GM to get it for you.

SPC Simms Staff

The SPC Simms Staff has been defined with specific roles that will be fulfilled by its members. The new staff for SPC Simms and the roles that they fill are now visible on the website, check it out.

Social Media

As most of you know we have recently launched a new Facebook page and the news from the SPC Simms website now posts there automatically. Back in 2011 when the original version of SPC Simms was launched we apparently created a twitter account that was since long lost but it just recently began sending us email messages reminding us of its existence and so we’ve reactivated the account and now will be using this as well. Blog/News will now be posted on the twitter by the system automatically as well! Please share our facebook page and twitter account with your crew! Links are located in the sidebar of the SPC Simms website.

Member Support

SPC Simms strives to provide the best member experience possible and so we have launched the SPC Simms Support site. Any inquiry, website/service issue, or sim proposal will now be managed via our support site. This includes password resets, email issues, bad conduct reports, request for website upgrades, backup requests, etc. We ask that all of these requests please be sent to us via the proper help topic on the support site: http://support.spcsimms.net

Items in Progress

  • Discord Guide
  • Nova Guide
  • Discord Improvements
  • GM Resources Page
  • Web Client for Discord on Website
  • Review of SPC Simms Rules/Requirements for Sims
  • SPC Simms Banners/Recruitment Images