SB65 Announces Top Award

SB65 Announces Top Award

SPC Simms is proud to announce that Starbase 65 has awarded our highest honor to Reade! The Esprit de Corps award is issued by each sim bi-annually for being an exemplary member and showing great motivation and participation within the community.

Esprit de Corps Award

Awarded to

Reade (CDR Liam Grimaldi-Ral, XO SB65)

Reade has been a member, assistant game master, and staunch supporter of the USS Skylark/Starbase 65 from its inception. Reade has always been a motivating factor, to me, and to the crew to help make the SB65/Skylark community great. Although he gets a hard time from most of us because of his love of Betazoids, especially Mrs. Ral, he has created a great family and focus for his characters. Reade is a constant presence on Slack and within the community looking to write with each and every member as often as possible. Reade truly is an example of dedication to our community and what I hope we can find in every future member (except Mrs. Ral). Congratulations and thank you, Reade, for your great service and dedication to our community.