Hello everyone,

The SPC Simms website has been updated to reflect some changes we’ve made in policy.  From now on we will only be hosting sims that will be part of the SPC Simms network which will not exclude them from participating in any fleets or other organizations.  SPC Simms is all about being part of a community and we’d like the sims we host to be part of our community and welcome anyone to join.  Hosted sims are now also required to follow the rules of the network which have been added to the website.

Images for each SPC Simm are coming, thanks to Kristen, and will be issued to each member sim for use and will make up our improved sim list once they’re ready.  Other brainstorming activity includes on ways to expand our community to new services as well as bringing some social media activity to life.

Any questions, comments, or concerns please use the contact form! If you’d like to become an affiliate or are looking to become part of the network and host your own sim the contact form is also for you.

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