New Staff Member & Big Award

New Staff Member & Big Award


I’d like to announce that Emily will be joining the SPC Simms staff as Assistant to the Director of Operations.  She will be working on a few specific projects one of which will be some new community forums that we will be launching within the next month or so.  Emily has worked with us previously for those of you who took part in Task Force 39 and did wonderful in that role.  She’ll also be backing up other members of the staff in various capacities as well.  Please join me in welcoming her to the team.


I’d like to announce that Kristen has been awarded the Individual Simming Prize by  I would like to thank the members of SPC Simms and Kepler Station who all submit nominations for Kristen who does amazing work in both communities and without her we would both not be where we are today.

Officially known as the The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis, the Simming Prize honors the memory of Seth Cotis, founder of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance and a long-time leader within the Simming League.

Up to five Prizes are bestowed each year to individuals or entities (games, clubs, or organizations) that (1) exemplify service, quality, and dedication within the play-by-post online role-playing; or who (2) pioneer new technology or techniques within the community. The Prizes can recognize a significant onetime accomplishment, or sustained contributions over a period of time. Individuals and entities that win a prize are entitled to use the honorific Simming Prize Laureate.

Kristen’s nomination:

For her exemplary work as a storyteller and community builder.  Kristen is the driving force within  SPCsimms.  With skill and good humor, she serves as a mentor to new members and is an invaluable aid to hosts and club leaders.  As a game master and player, her imagination underpins multiple sims.  Kristen is relied upon to smooth difficult situations, polish posts, and inspire those around her to push their writing to the next level.  Most recently, Kristen was instrumental in rebuilding the Kepler Station sim after the untimely death of its longtime host.  Kristen’s service and dedication stands as a model example of the ideal community builder and simmer.

For more information check out the prize website and join us in congratulating our deserving member!