New Awards

New Awards

Two new awards are now available on each of the SPC Simms relating to writing challenges and other contests that will be beginning a slow start on the simulations.  They will be issued at the pleasure of the game staff on each sim and each will have their own requirements.  The following awards have been added to the Novas of all three current sims:

Challenge Award

Awarded to a member who successfully completed a written challenge of an in-character nature such as a writing prompt, assigned character or overall mission plot twist, etc. This award is an individual award only and is not issued in challenges when members of the crew may be competing against each other.


Contest Winner

This award will come in First, Second, or Third place as appropriate adding a Gold, Silver, or Bronze(ish) center to the challenge ribbon. This award will be given to members of the crew who win a contest which may or may not have to deal with a written post.  These contests will be issued at the pleasure of the game staff of each sim.