SPC Simms in 2018

SPC Simms in 2018

The end of 2017 saw some decisions made by the entire membership of Starbase 65 and the USS Nomad to combine timelines and re-create Task Force 39 a former endeavor by SPC Simms to have a full on “Fleet” in the Star Trek sim genre. While we are reincarnating the name and plot we are not opening it as a fully functional “fleet” type organization but as a central plotline for all of SPC Simm’s post-nemesis sims which will see a brand new combined wiki and canon.

The sims will all eventually move forward into the year 2394 (at their own pace) and begin to follow a common map of the Galaxy and canon storyline across the Federation.  While this will reduce the amount of creation of content and make management of the sims easier it was also decided to relaunch the USS Healy as the Task Force 39 flagship while it’s headquarters Outpost 39 will remain an NPC base.

You can find more information as to how it affects the individual sims by viewing their individual websites.

SPC Simms Staff

SPC Simms staff when noted will include all Assistant Game Masters, the Discord Server Administrator, and any additional positions (temporary or permanent) as assigned by the Administrator/Game Master. There has been a shakeup in the SPC Simms staff positions so let’s address each change individually.


Kristen has been a member of SPC Simms for more than two years and has been integral part of almost every sim that has been a part of the organization in that time. Almost as often she even served as an Assistant Game Master, helped designed the website, and created at the very least a banner image for them. Without Kristen SPC Simms simply would not be what it is today. After discussing over the last month or so with her my thoughts on the organization and are moving forward she decided she was going to step down from Starbase 65’s AGM role and focus on her responsibilities on Eagle which I support completely. This also brought about the decision that AGMs may only serve in that capacity in one sim at a time from now on.

Due to Kristen’s amazing service to this organization, she has been awarded the Community Support Award which was issued on Starbase 65 when her resignation as AGM was announced.  To view the award announcement you can click here.

Thank you, Kristen, once again for your amazing service to our community!


James has been a member of SPC Simms for around six months and has been a member of every SPC Simm since he joined.  He has characters in a multitude of departments and styles and has been active in interest in helping out with the operations of our sims. James has accepted the role of Assistant Game Master aboard the USS Healy and within Task Force 39.


Aaron has also decided due to his limited availability to step down from his role as an Assistant Game Master.  Aaron will remain aboard the SPC Simms staff as our Discord Server Administrator and will likely continue to advise on our rules and policies.

Vacant Positions

We have some vacant positions on the SPC Simms staff and we are now accepting applications and interest in the position of Assistant Game Master aboard the USS Nomad and Starbase 65.  If anyone who is currently a member of SPC Simms would like to be considered please contact me directly via Discord. Anyone who is not currently an SPC Simms member must submit an application to the sim and upon approval may submit interest in the position.

All Assistant Game Masters on these sims will be expected to be an active member of the OOC Discord community, set an example of active membership, assist in sim operations/administration, and work on the development of the TF39 canon.  Any questions regarding the position and specific duties should contact me via Discord, email or, contact form.

Exciting New Projects

SPC Simms will be working on updating it’s award systems and its rules.  All sims will follow the same set of rules and the awards will be organization-wide instead of based on each simulation.  The award records will be kept in addition to on the sim websites but also on the SPC Simms website on the player’s profile instead of the characters.  Anyone interested in joining an Award Committee please contact me via Discord.